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Robots In Plain English explains how robots work, how they evolved, and where they're going.

Robots are in the news almost every day. But the coverage is often sensationalized or driven by commercial interests, leaving you with a distorted picture. Robots In Plain English tries to correct that.

I am a senior engineer at one of the world's best-regarded robot makers. As a practitioner in computers, engineering, and automation for decades, I love designing and building robots. It is my job and my passion.

Because robots and automation affect our everyday lives, everyone should be able to understand how they work. The underlying principles need to be explained in an accessible and interesting way to busy people. That is the mission of Robots In Plain English.

This website is my weekend hobby. It lets me interpret the news free of marketing hype.

My employer does not endorse what I write, which I alone am responsible for.

Nor does any computer or robot company sponsor this website. You will not see any ads here, just articles.

I hope to make the material interesting enough that you will come back for more. Subscribe now to get articles directly into your mailbox!

Sudheer Apte,
Boston, Mass.

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